Cost-Effective Mediation and Arbitration Services that are Simple, Flexible, Fast, and Fair

Mark Cohen is widely recognized as one of Colorado’s best attorneys in real estate and contract disputes, including easement disputes, boundary disputes, nondisclosure litigation, and contract litigation. Relying on his extensive experience in these areas in forty years of practicing law, Mr. Cohen offers cost-effective mediation and arbitration services.

Mark Cohen - Colorado Easement Lawyer

The Evolution and Cost of Mediation and Arbitration Services

The popularity of mediation and arbitration has grown in recent years, but those offering these services often fall into two categories. First, there are the well-known ADR firms that employ retired judges. On par with these are the national organizations, such as the American Arbitration Association. These services may be appropriate for some disputes, but these organizations often charge $500 or more per hour, and in some cases also charge administrative fees.

Sometimes the arbitration rules these organizations employ are as cumbersome as the rules that would apply in the litigation that the parties hoped to avoid when they agreed to arbitrate. On the other end of the spectrum are the online dispute resolution services. Some promise to decide complex disputes for a few hundred dollars.

Mark Cohen offers a third alternative.

Mr. Cohen serves as a mediator or arbitrator or mediator only by agreement of the parties and only in certain types of disputes. Mark offers a flexible approach, providing services in person or entirely online. When serving as an arbitrator, Mark strives to give the parties the opportunity to structure the arbitration using rules they believe are appropriate to the dispute.

Mark Cohen - Colorado Easement Lawyer

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Experienced Legal Professional with Diverse Background in Law and Education

Mr. Cohen has served as an Air Force Judge Advocate, a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, a prosecutor, and a municipal judge. He served on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Municipal League and served six years on the Board of Editors of The Colorado Lawyer, including one as chairperson.

He authored six articles in the American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts series, including one on piercing the corporate veil. He has tried more than 100 civil and criminal cases to a jury. He studied logic at the graduate level and is a member of the Institute of General Semantics. He lectures frequently on real estate and contract law topics.Read Mark's Bio.